Junior League of Pittsburgh, Inc.

Junior League of Pittsburgh Award Winners

Anne D. Johnston Award

The Anne D. Johnston Award is award is named for one of our esteemed and beloved members. The League presents the Anne D. Johnston award to a member, sustainer or group who has made an outstanding contribution to the League and the community. Anne Johnston was an exemplary volunteer whose life represented the very best qualities of a Junior League member and who will continue to be an inspiration to future generations. Anne was an exemplary volunteer with many varied interests, including:

-League Treasurer -Kingsley House
-Vintage, Inc. -Placement and Nominating Committees
-Show House Chair -Girl Scouts
-Pittsburgh Public Theater                                    -Junior League Shop
-Allegheny Adventures -Shadyside Presbyterian Church
-WQED Auction -First Stage
-Admissions, Provisional -Junior Women's Board

Her life represented the very best qualities of the Junior League member and will be an inspiration to future generations.

1980 - June Vaughn Isaly (Mrs. Thomas A.) 1994 - Sally Lewis (Mrs. Andrew B.) and Veo Parran (Mrs. Richard B.)
1981 - Jane Arensberg Thompson (Mrs. Henry A., II) 1996 - Janet Conomos (Mrs. John B.) and Jan Shoop (Mrs. Robert H., Jr.)
1982 - Three Rivers Adoption Council 1997 - "A.J." Jenkins (Mrs. Paul R.)
1983 - Gay M. Hopkins (Mrs. Kenneth C) 2002 - Beverlynn Elliot (Mrs. Stephen G.)
1984 - Gail Harbaugh (Mrs. Gregory A.) and Marti Madson (Mrs. Lawrence E., Jr.) 2003 - Elizabeth Wainwright
1985 - "Dee" Diana Burger McClay (Mrs. John B., II) 2004 - Allison Burgan (Mrs. Hardie F.) and Ms. Jessica Lynch
1986 - Caroline Farmer (Mrs. Louis H., Jr.) 2005 - Cookie Roberson
1987 - Becky Welsh Fine (Mrs. Milton) 2006 - Cordelia Jacobs
1988 - Jeanne Berdik (Mrs. Richard F.) 2008 - Thea Stover
1989 - Anne Camp (Mrs. Joseph E.) 2009 - Fredrica Cryan
1991 - Sharon Bailey Jaynes (Mrs. Richard E.) 2010 - Cindy Potter
1992 - Vern Meury (Mrs. John N., Jr.) 2012 - Elizabeth Hobbs
1993 - Sylvia Kunst and Elizabeth Wiegand 2013 - Carol Heppner

2014 - Susanne Wilkinson

2015 - Peggy Mooney

2016 - Heather Chronis


Annual Placement Award - Leaguer of the Year

The Nominating Committee recognizes an active member of our League who has done a superior job during the current placement year. Anyone can be chosen whether a leader or a follower, committee chair or committee member. We look for an energetic, dedicated person who deserves to be acknowledged.

1989 "Beth" Elizabeth Grego (Mrs. John, Jr.)                                                                                           
1990 Maura Kelly (Mrs. Sidney J.)
1991 "Bev" Beverlynn Elliott (Mrs. Steven Graham) & Susanna Mach Leers (Mrs. Steven A.)
1992 "Suzy" Gale Golitko & "Gusty" Augusta Kairys
1993 "Pat" Patricia Mackey (Mrs. Thomas M.)
1994 Cookie Roberson (Mrs. Gary F.)
1995 Maria Thomas Burgwin (Mrs. Maury Hill), Melissa Craig (Mrs. Jeffrey) & Susan Keane
1996 "Suzy" Gail Golitko
1997 Melissa Craig (Mrs. Jeffrey)
1998 Claudia Franyutti & Gratia Maley
1999 Allison Burgan (Mrs. Hardie F.), "Suzy" Golitko, Paulina Hines (Mrs. Michael) & Susan Skowron (Mrs. John)
2000 Catherine Houska, Eileen Belak & Paulina Hines (Mrs. Michael)
2001 Catherine Houska
2002 Loretta Lobes
2003 Susan Block (Mrs. John), Ann Bondi (Mrs. Richard), Beth Harhai (Mrs. Douglas) & Alison Tyson (Mrs. Richard)
2004 Danielle Carlson Boston & Sara Lowery
2005 Kari Brumback & Jane Terlion
2006 Michelle Smith
2007 Kim Kisner & Lorraine Marks
2008 Jen Daurora
2009 Jenny Danquist Kilgore
2010 Allison Grotjan and Karen Rivetti
2011 Gretchen Smathers, Kim Toland and Amy Welsh
2012 Stephanie Hoogendoorn
2013 Amy Giammatteo, Kristin Holzer, Megan Worbs
2014 Lauren Plate Hamilton, Melissa Reed, and Rebecca Smith
2016 Elizabeth "Betsy" Amato

First Year Active Award

2007 Gretchen Smathers, Jenn Tribble

Provisional League Member of the Year

The Membership Development Committee recognizes a provisional member of our League who has done a superior job during the current placement year. Anyone can be chosen whether a leader or a follower. We look for an energetic, dedicated person who deserves to be acknowledged.

2003 Kari Brumack (Mrs. David) & Michelle Koehler (Mrs. J.B.)
2004 Jennifer Daurora
2005 Catherine Baker
2006 Carol Gomrick
2007 Jenna Neal
2008 Kristin Holzer
2009 Sara Stallings and Angel Mazack
2010 Katie Kozora
2011 Jessie Gregg
2012 Samantha Scrivner and Jessica “Jessie” Walters
2013 Carrie DiRisio and Rachel Rooney
2014 Meredith Mullen and Stephanie Garbe
2016 Michelle Becker

The Sixty-Fifth Anniversary Award

The Junior League of Pittsburgh recognizes an outstanding member who has contributed many years of dedication and leadership to help make this an active and influential chapter within the Association of Junior Leagues International.

Veo Parran (Mrs. Richard B.)

Members of the Month


October 2012 Leah Worbs
November 2012 Carlee Hallo
December 2012 Katie Kozora
January 2013 Kristin Holzer