Community Impact

The Junior League of Pittsburgh is committed to making a difference in the lives of Pittsburghers who are struggling with food insecurity.

By working with community partners, Junior Leaguers are helping to provide food and other resources to those in need. They are also working to educate the community about the issue of food insecurity and advocate for policies that will help to create a more food-secure future for all Pittsburghers.

  • Members of the Junior League of Pittsburgh, an organization of women whose mission is to advance women’s leadership for meaningful community impact through volunteer action, collaboration, and training. 

  • Members of the Junior League of Pittsburgh watch the Steelers take on the Packers at a Game Day Party.

  • Our dedicated members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests and share a commitment to volunteering. We work together to identify unmet needs, forge effective coalitions and implement change.

  • Past presidents of the Junior League of Pittsburgh celebrate the League’s 100th Anniversary at the Centennial Gala held at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, which the Junior League helped to found in 1983.

  • The Board of Directors and Management Team got all “dolled up” to see Barbie on the big screen together after their Annual Planning Meeting.

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