1972 – 1973: Tourist Information Center opens at the Old North Side Post Office. A decade later it is The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.
1973 – 1976: The League started Vintage Inc., a senior center and adult day care center.
1975: The first Show House was held at Beatty Hall on the Chatham College campus.
1975: The first JLP cookbook is published, Before and After Thoughts.

1976 – 1979: Lay Person CPR was a project

1977: All new members are now required to complete two training courses – Association Management Process (AMP) and Synergistics and Leadership Training (SALT).

1978: Created and published Pittsburgh Ethnic Churches Guide.

1979: The League works with adoptive parents and professionals to start the Three Rivers Adoption Council. This was a two year project aimed at establishing a central information exchange for agencies and individuals to expedite the matching of approved adoptive parents and available children.

1979: The League helps to create the Pittsburgh Guidebook for the Handicapped.

1979: The League begins the Better Business Bureau Tel-Tips project, a two year project that created a new service to get fast, authoritative information from the Better Business Bureau.