Strategic Plan


The Junior League of Pittsburgh is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.


Ignite passion, purpose and potential.


Incorporate AJLI’s issue-based community impact approach into the League’s grant making

Objective:     To introduce members to the social and economic issues facing our community, and the organizations addressing these concerns.

Strategy:       Utilize asset-based community development to determine how the League can make an impact with smaller, focused catalytic grants and volunteer hours.

Task:             Educate the membership on the issues facing our community based on the committee’s research.

Task:             Utilize multiple communication platforms to inform members of this approach and the issues of concern.

Task:             Orchestrate multiple points of engagement with each organization and issue.

Task:             Conduct a vote as to which issue the membership would like to focus our collective energies.


To increase the exposure and visibility of the Junior League’s purpose and work throughout the Pittsburgh young professional, business and non-profit communities.

Objective:     Utilize our partnerships and collaborations to showcase our commitment to this community.

Strategy:       To increase grassroot, organic communication amongst our members and their activities within and outside of the Junior League.

Task:             Encourage our members to make use of their League training by serving on committees for other organizations.

Task:            Continue to collaborate with organizations and associations including financial participation.

Task:            Optimize our Done in a Day outreach to educate the non-profit community as to our purpose and how we can collaborate with them.


For all members to be invested in the health and well being of the organization.

Objective:     To enable and empower each member to have a sense of ownership of her League experience.

Strategy:       Add value to the membership experience with experiential learning opportunities.

Task:             To allow committees and chairs to make decisions relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

Task:             To address members concerns in an open discussion format with task forces and special committees.

Task:             To provide learning and development opportunities that prepares members for civic leadership.


To showcase the League’s purpose and accomplishments to all designated audiences.

Objective:     To formulate messages that reach each audience with the information they need to further their engagement with the League.

Strategy:       Define audiences and the message we want to convey to each:


Active Members                    All activities, information

Sustainers                              Continue to share information, actives specific to them


Prospective Members          Highlighted activities, how to join

Community Partners           Highlighted activities, grant and volunteer opportunities

Prospective Donors              Highlighted activities


Task:             Continued use of Lights to reach the sustainer membership, who have declared this as their preferred method of communication.

Task:             Continue to perfect and master MailChimp for use in messaging active, sustainer and the prospective membership.

Task:            Write an annual plan to be shared with all audiences.

Task:            Devise an e-newsletter/update to be shared with external partners.


To leverage resources and align funding to strategically further the purpose of the League.

Objective:    To enrich the membership experience while brining visibility to the League’s mission and vision.

Strategy:      Selectively funding opportunities and activities that further develop the potential of our members and solidify the League’s efforts in the community.

Task:            Provide small, catalytic donations for organizations that are contributing to the learning and development of our membership.

Task:            Create and host trainings that are relevant to our membership.

Task:            Secure the equipment and software needed for business operations.



To sustain our fundraising efforts.

Objective:    To renew existing and create new fundraisers that produces unallocated funds.

Strategy:       Utilize the talent and interests of our membership on an appropriate scale.

Task:             Continue the work of the Show House Research Committee by pursuing a partnership with the Highland Park Community Council to host a home tour in May 2014.

Task:             Implement structured and hosted shifts at the Wear After Shop for members filling the required shift.

Task:            Orchestrate Earned Income Opportunities that engage external audiences and do not solely rely on our membership to generate revenue.


To create and sustain interest in joining our membership throughout the year.

Objective:     To leverage the networks of every member in order to expand our reach of influence.

Strategy:       Inform and educate members on how they can invite their friends and acquaintances to join the League.

Task:             Arm members with talking points on the value of membership so that they are prepared to discuss joining the League with their networks.

Task:             Host activities for prospective members such as DIADs throughout the year.

Task:             Produce an e-newsletter for prospective members, and for active members to share with their networks.