Vintage, Inc.

Vintage is a nonprofit human service agency founded in 1973 to meet the needs of elderly residents in Allegheny County. Vintage was established to address the isolation and loneliness often associated with aging and to support independent living. In its years of existence, Vintage has excelled in services that enhance the independence, talents, and interests of its members.Since its beginning, Vintage has created innovative programs to meet the needs of the well, vulnerable, and frail elderly, including creative opportunities through the arts. These can be in a group class format or through solitary activity. Vintage, similar to a large house in which individual family members move about, depending on their needs and interests, is designed to provide these experiences in safe, clean, comfortable and stimulating surroundings.

Historically, Vintage has directed most of its program energy toward the well and active. However, the future calls us to direct more of our attention to the vulnerable and frail within our region – those who have mobility limitations, have difficulty performing activities of daily living, suffer because of low literacy or income, or face severe impediments imposed by the effects of chronic illness, Alzheimer’s disease, mental illness, or mental retardation.